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APPLICATION . You have three ways to carry out your information request or pre-reservation :

1. - Through the online system: the automatic system that calculates availability and prices will allow you to choose the apartment you are interested in and to make an immediate online pre-reservation .

2. - Simple web request: If you find it easier, if the availability of the apartment does not appear online , if you are looking at a promotion, or if you only want more information, fill in the corresponding form with the required data: number of people, day of arrival and exit, etc. Besides, you will have to indicate in which apartment(s) you are interested in and let us know wether you want to make a pre-booking or you just want further information.

3. – Over the telephone calling at 00 34 93 343 79 94


1. - If you have carried out a pre-reservation directly from our web, you will receive an email with the details of it, as well as the procedure to confirm it.

2. - If you have sent your request by form, we will check the availability of the apartments which you have chosen. In case of requesting information, we will reply you with information about availability and prices, and indicate the booking procedures.

If you have requested a pre-reservation and the apartment chosen in the first place has availability for the required dates, we will pre-book it for you and send all the details of this, as well as indicating you further steps to follow. If there is no availability, we will verify the availability of your next best choice. If none of the ones you have indicated is available for the required dates, we will send you information of apartments with similar characteristics so that you can choose the one you prefer. If you are interested in any of these you will have to let us know so we can make a pre-booking.


Barcelona On Line will maintain your pre-reservation for a maximum of 10 days. However, we may cancel this pre-booking at any time if the down-payment we require has not been cashed. In case of cancellation, we would then inform you by email of the cancellation. Please note that in periods of high demand, the pre-reservation will be maintained only a maximum of 2-3 days.

As indicated above, t o confirm the pre-reservation, it is necessary to make a pre-payment as a guarantee of the reservation . It usually consists of a first instalment of roughly 30% of the total amount, although in some cases, for periods of high demand or offers subject to conditions, it is possible that we ask you for 100% in advance. Of course this is an instalment and thus be taken into account for the following instalments. In the case of subsequent cancellation of the reservation , the reimbursement of part or all the prepayment is subject to our cancellation policy (detailed in this document).

Once the transaction is secured, we will proceed to confirm yo ur reservation .

You have two options to carry out the payment:

Credit card: At this moment, we only accept VISA and Mastercard .

We will ask you to enter a secure area for online payment. This transaction is secure, confidential and guaranteed by our bank (always a leading local entity) .

Alternatively, should the secure online payment system be temporarily unavailable, you can still use your credit card, by means of the following procedure: you must give us your credit card number, credit card type/brand and its expiry date, following the vehicle you choose (email, form, phone). We will then proceed to charge the required amount. To secure the transaction and protect you, we will send you the relevant information and an authorization document valid for this transaction that you must endorse, by signing and sending it us back by fax at 0034 93 317 11 55, together with a photocopy of your passport, where we can verify your signature for your protection.

Transfer order: If you wish to pay by transfer, you must let us know and we will indicate the bank account where this money must be sent. After completing the transaction please fax us the bank's confirmation for this transaction.

Once this instalment is done, it is now required that you inform us about your arrival time if you have still not told us. We in turn will send you an e-mail where we explain the arrival instructions.

CONFIRMATION. Once we receive the notification of the transfer or the documents that authorize the payment, we will send you an email confirming your reservation (subject to actual cashing of the first instalment) . Besides, it will include details of the amount that must be paid on your arrival.

CHANGES OF THE RESERVATION : Once the reservation (first instalment cashed) has been confirmed by us, your booking will be considered done. From now on, changes you may required will follow the following rules: Barcelona On Line will try to adapt your reservation to any change you may require (be it dates or number of people), according to availability. Usually, small changes communicated well in advance should not create any problem (for example to add or to take away 1 day from the stay, to add or to remove 1 person, etc.). However, Barcelona On Line reserves the right to accept or not the changes you ask for and to establish or not a new price for the stay.

Barcelona On Line will try to be as flexible as it can, within the limits of the possibility to apply all or any of the following conditions:

1. - If you want to come earlier or stay longer, Barcelona On Line will only be able to do it if there is availability, if it is possible, we will communicate you by e-mail the new price. If there is no availability in the booked apartment, we will look for other options.

2. - If you want to reduce the stay, you will have in any case to communicate it well in advance so that Barcelona On Line can find other guests to occupy the apartment during the cancelled days. If this is not possible, we may then change you to another apartment or alternatively ask you to pay the full amount of the original reservation .

3. – If you want to increase the number of guests at the apartment and there is enough capacity, Barcelona On Line will quote you a new price by e-mail. If the apartment does not have capacity enough, we will try and find an alternative.

4. - In case of a reduction in the number of guests, Barcelona On Line can require a transfer to a smaller apartment, unless the full original price is paid. If Barcelona On Line cannot find a smaller apartment for the change, the price originally agreed upon will apply.

CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel the reservation (be it for your own decision or because a change in the reservation is not possible), Barcelona On Line will apply by default the conditions below, except if a different cancellation policy has been fixed for your actual reservation (which may happen in periods of high demand, for special offers, etc...).

By default:

1. – Reservation cancelled 1 month in advance, the owner will return the total amount of the pre-payment, except the file expenses (up to 20%).

2. – Reservation cancelled within the month prior to the arrival: the owner will only return the amount paid (minus file expenses up to 20%) if the apartment has been rented and up to the point where the new rent is similar to the original one .

ARRIVAL. Upon your arrival, you must get in touch with the owner or his representative, following the instructions that we have sent you previously. Although the owner will already know the hour of your arrival, you will have to call him by telephone once you arrive to the airport or train station with the aim of preventing unnecessary waiting. To avoid carrying cash with you on your arrival, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU, to pay the rest of your stay 2 or 3 days before traveling. Otherwise, when you check in into the apartment, you will have to pay the rest of the amount IN CASH. Be sure to bring enough money with you, please.

Additional check in &out fees
Timetable Check IN Check out with Receptionist Check out without Receptionist
(deposit guarantied by credit card)
12pm -7am ------------ EARLY CHECK OUT: 90€ If your deposit is guaranteed by your credit card, you can leave the apartment on your own, BEFORE 9H45 with NO FEE
7am- 9h45am If apartment available, 20 € 40€
9h45am - 2pm If apartment available, no fee Not possible
2pm - 10pm No fee 20€ only possible if paying an extra
10pm - 12pm 20€ 40€ only possible if paying an extra night
12pm -7am 50€ --------------------

Remember that you MUST VACATE the apartment before 9h45 (or an extra day can be required). If you have a late flight back home you can come to our offices (Monday to Saturday) to leave your baggage (no fee), or, if available, you can stay at the apartment (paying an extra day). Please ask our booking department.

This amount will have to be paid when the circumstance arises to the receptionist (at the moment of you arrival in case of check-in or when leaving in case of check-out).


About the state of the apartment: we assume the apartment is in a good state of maintenance, repairs and equipment. For this reason we undertake that, if you have not immediately checked and informed of anything amiss, it will be assumed everything is in a perfect state. So if when you arrive at the apartment or in the very first part of your stay you find something missing or in bad conditions and do not get in touch with the owner immediately, no claim will be taken into consideration and missing, broken or not working items may eventually be claimed from you.

So please let the owner or the company know about anything. In the same way, if during the stay something is broken or stops working, contact both the owner and inform Barcelona On Line as soon as possible so that we can solve it. Please, phone at our offices or, only if there is an EMERGENCY, at the emergency mobile.

The client is responsible for the state of the apartment (contents, walls, electrical appliances, etc.). In case of breaking, lost , damage, etc., the owner can demand the payment of the replacement from the guest. If the deposit covers this cost, the owner will deduct it from the deposit. Otherwise, the client will be obliged to pay the difference.

Upon the arrival, the guests will have to read and to sign the following rules of use of the apartment:

Apartment's renting conditions.

Please read carefully and explain or make your companions read

•  You are staying in a building with neighbours, so please respect their rights, in particular to rest. There is a simple thumb rule: do nothing you would not like them to do to you. You are to be, for a few days, one of the neighbours. Do not make any noise, especially between 9 pm and 10 am ( 12 am on week-ends).

In case the neighbours complain about noise or any other nuisance, your deposit will not be returned, and in any case the police may be called.

•  The staircase is a common area, and only meant to access the apartment so please do not make any noise, or make it dirty or stay there more than strictly necessary.

•  The apartment is a place to rest, not to organize parties or invite people not registered in the present document.

•  When leaving the apartment, kindly shut lights and air conditioned off, it helps save energy and is good for the environment.

•  Leave garbage in the grey containers, when available, between 8 and 10 pm . The City Council services will take care of it every night. In case there is no container (small streets), do what the other neighbours do. Wherever available, kindly make use of recycling containers, as in your home town, green for glass, yellow for plastic and tin cans, blue for paper. On your last day, YOU MUST take the garbage and any other waste bag with you, as you are not permitted to leave it in the apartment (if left, we might apply an extra cleaning fee). If you are staying in the old town and leaving in the morning, please, ask the receptionist to show you the nearest container to leave the waste.

•  You have found the apartment cleaned and tidy. Please leave it as you received it. Kitchen items' cleaning is not included in the general cleaning service. In case you do not leave the apartment reasonably cleaned or tidied, you will be charged double price for cleaning.

•  Check out is at 9h45 am. Next tenants are not meant to wait for you to leave. In case you do not respect check out time, you will be charged one extra day, without any right of further occupancy.

•  Upon arrival, you will be given two sets of keys. The price for replacement of each lost set of keys is 50€. In case you needed a set of keys between 8 pm and 9 am , an extra 50€ will be immediately charged for late service.

•  People checking in or out between 10 pm and 0 am, or 7 and 8 am will be charged 20€ extra. Arrivals between 0 am and 7 am will be charged an extra 50€. These extra charges are to be paid directly to the check-in person on the spot. Check out fee will apply only when deposit is paid in cash and in this case, the receptionist has to meet you on departure.

Additional check in &out fees

Timetable Check IN Check out with Receptionist Check out without Receptionist
(deposit guarantied by credit card)
12pm -7am ------------ EARLY CHECK OUT: 90€ If your deposit is guaranteed by your credit card, you can leave the apartment on your own, BEFORE 9H45 with NO FEE
7am- 9h45am If apartment available, 20 € 40€
9h45am - 2pm If apartment available, no fee Not possible
2pm - 10pm No fee 20€ only possible if paying an extra
10pm - 12pm 20€ 40€ only possible if paying an extra night
12pm -7am 50€ --------------------

In case a neighbour or the check-in person notifies us any breaking of these simple rules, or in case of damage caused to the apartment or the building, your deposit will not be returned. You may even be told to leave the apartment, in case of real bad behaviour, and no refund will bemade. Any damage or problem with a cost higher than the deposit, the difference will be charged on your credit card.

Either problem must be communicated to our offices at the phone: +34-93 343 79 94 during business hours (mon-fri 9am-7pm , Sat, Sun, Christmas day, New Year's Day closed). Out of business hours, and ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES, call +34-667 744 058. We will try and solve any problem within a reasonable time frame. Whichever problem not communicated on time will not be taken into consideration later.

LEAVING. The limit for checking out the apartment is at at 9h45 am.

However, we recommend you to be ready between 8 and 9 in the morning. The apartment will be occupied by other customers and they do not have to wait. If you do not respect the hour to leave, we will charge you an extra day, without any right of further occupancy.

However, the guests who leave the apartment have the possibility to leave their luggage at our office during the office hours, at no cost. To take advantage of this service, you must agree it previously with Barcelona On Line or its representative. Barcelona On Line does not take any responsibility for items left to its custody.

At check-out, according to what he or his representative indicate you, t he owner will go to check the state of the apartment, to collect the keys and to return you the deposit if given in cash and if there is not any damage or punishable problem.

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