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As always travelling, wherever you´re going to, a Travel Insurance against theft and loss is a good prevention. Also making photocopies of the important pages of your passport, and other important documents is a good idea.

Barcelona is fairly a secure city, although petty crime (in particular theft) can be sometimes a problem and its victims are usually newcomers in town. As known, prevention is always better than a cure, so keeping an eye out for pickpockets and bag snatchers in the most touristy parts (specially around Plaça Reial and the Chinese Quarter) of town would be a good idea.

In summertime the beach is also a good place to keep your eyes open, although the local police mounts special anti-theft operations during this season there, thieves and pickpockets have the beach as a popular place where to act.

If anything does get lost or stolen, there’s a City Police Station at La Rambla 43, opposite Plaça Reial (City Police Emergency phone: 092). Moreover, you can call to the 088, the emergency phone of the Mossos de Esquadra.

The average of victim’s experiences denounced is similar to the average of other sites (USA, England and Wales, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona,…).
All in all, we don’t pretend to frighten you, on the contrary, being a tourist company, we thought that it would be a good idea just to prevent our users in case you’re visiting Barcelona. Travelling is lovely, Barcelona is a charming city, and we’d like to encourage you to come and have a really good time.

The Government Delegation in Catalonia started in 2001 the “Tourism Security Plan for Barcelona” that includes the following points:

1. Planning cooperation between the “Cuerpo Nacional de Policía” and the “Guàrdia Urbana” (local police) of Barcelona.
2. Improvement of the communication channels between the “Cuerpo Nacional de Policía” and the tourist firms.
3. Formation and counsel to the Hotels about active and passive security measures.
4. Spreading of self-protection advises to the tourists.
5. Following of the delinquent activity.
6. Police reports in different languages.

Some Practical advices:

- Never leave money or valuables lying around. Use the safe for this purpose.
- In public places always keep your lugage and personal belongings in sight.

- Keep an eye on your belongings.
- Take special care of your handbag or wallet in crowded places.
- When going to the beach or swimming pool, take along the bare essentials.
- Protect your video or camera at places of entertainment.
- Avoid street gambling stalls. They are a fraud.
- Be wary of suspiously helpful gestures (unsolicited warmings as to stains on your clothing or damage to your car, etc.).
- Steer clear of easy business propositions. They could well be a swindle.
- Should you be using a vehicle of any kind, never leave any objects of value in sight.



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