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Small Touristic Books

Temple of the Sacred Family. Ed. Escudo de Oro S.A..
It´s a book specifically about the great Gaudinian project. Both, the pictures and the explanations are very specialized and explanatory; about the temple and its historic and cultural importance.

Gaudí. Ed. Escudo de Oro S.A.
Book that specially tretas the figure of Gaudí and studies his works in Barcelona. The level and amount of pictures is quite good, on the other hand, the text just has an introductory function.

Barcelona, the city of Gaudí. Triangle Postals S.L. withtext of Llàtzer Moix.
Althought it is a "touristic souvenir" small book, there´s on it a serious graphic and textual treatment and also quite complete. Besides the city of Barcelona, some other interesting areas near by are treated and presented as places to visit once you´re in Barcelona.

(All available in English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish)

Guide“Off” of Barcelona. Alba Editorial, s.l.u. Author: Raquel Mancera.
The guide “Off” of Barcelona offers an alternative route which provides more than 270 addresses in order to enjoy the city. Restaurants with recipes, bars, cafeterias, hostels, pensions, and shops you will like, places you already know and others completely new that will surprise you. In sum, it is a very useful guide for all parts of the city.
Only in Spanish.

Big Format Books

Barcelona. Triangle Postals.
Great qunatity and variety of pictures of the city. The places that everybody should know are well photographed and has also good explanations of the places
(Available in Catalan, English, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish).

Barcelona, 4 visions.
Xavier Carberó, Javier Mariscal, Pierrette Gargallo and Bruce Graham, four people linked with the recent transformation of the city give their personal view of Barcelona. Besides the explanations, there´s a photographic trip throught the four different Barcelonas.
(Available in Catalan, English, French and Spanish).

Barcelona silences. Ed. Arrels Fundació.
With a prologue of the writer Maruja Torres and with pictures (black and white) of Joan Antoni Vicent and Narcís Comadira. Barcelona Silences makes a different treatment and shows a really special vision of the city.
(Available in Catalan, English and Spanish).

Barcelona. The city and its architecture. Ed. Taschen.
Essai of Josep Maria Montaner. Interesting book that combines good old and actual pictures making a specialized treatment of the historic architecture of the city.
(Available in English, French and Spanish).

Barcelona. Architects of the exhuverance. Lunwerg Editores.
The author Mihail Moldoveanu, makes a really complete and serious study of subjects as the urbanization of the city throught the years, the architecture of the city and its evolution until nowadays or the design of spaces. All in all, makes it a recommendable book.
(Available in Catalan, English, French and Spanish).

El Palau de la Música Catalana. Fundació Orfeó Cátala Palau de la Música i Triangle Postals.
The Palau de la Música Catalana and its double condition, as an architectonic monument and as a musical centre, is studied in detail in this book.
(Available only in Catalan).

The Modernist Barcelona. Ediciones Polígrafa S.A.
Exhaustive compilation of all the modernist buildings of the city, those well known for everybody and also those that are not so famous, almost unknown. All of them, one by one, are treated in a individual way.
(Available in Catalan, English and Spanish).

A year in Barcelona. © Thomas Stemmer.
A poet´s year in Barcelona. A book based on Stemmer´s visits to the city. Want to know more about Bohemian life in cheap hotels? About strange occurrences? About cafés like heaven and a lack of money like hell? All in all: about an intoxicating year in a very contradictory city beyond compare?
If you´d like to contact the author
(Available only in English).


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