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Barcelona On Line Contributors

We would like to acknowledge some of the people and companies that have helped creating and maintaining

Individual Efforts
Sira Jodar Viñas
Web site contents management and Catalan proofing.
Eeva Laine
Photografing, contents production, web site planning and design.
Richard Pike
English proofing and transalations.
Marie Robert
French version - translation and web design
Daniela Ponzoni
Italian version - translation and web design
Elena Zendrera
Database and contents manager.
Mari Ruohonen
Production of the contents, web site planning and design.
... and Rosa, Anna, Mireia, Sara, Gerardo, Sílvia, Sabrina, Lluís, Ismael, Eduard, Magnus, Rafa, Víctor, Àngel, Eva, Mari, Àlex, Mercé, Jaume, Lorena, Carolina, Laura, Lucia, Xavi, Emma, Núria, Miquel, Mónica...
And so many others that have helped us and have helped you...

Also, we'd like to thank all users and visitors of our website for their comments, suggestions, critics and other contribution.

Business Partners
First design, housing and continuous support.
COLT Telecom Inc.
Housing - cable services.
New design of the corporate image.
TopTips Barcelona
Base contents of the site.
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