Dear visitor, we want you to know we are commited to respect your privacy. On this page, we inform you about what we do and do not do in terms of privacy:

1) Visitors LOG: our web server keeps track of visits on our site, and registers typical information sucha as: pages visited, IP of user, platform and browser used. This information can be processed through statistics programs, such as Web trends, to understand general behaviours, find broken links, etc. The purpose is to improve the functionality of the web site, provide a better experience to the visitor, and in particular a better shopping experience. We also use on key pages a well-known third party cookie, for the program Google-analytics, which has the same purpose. The first information is stocked in our company, the second one is kept by Google-analytics. This is in no way used for finding personal nor individual informations, it rather looks at patterns of behaviour, not to be associated with an individual.

2) Cookies: we use the following. None of them is used to find out nor keep any personal information about visitors, their only purpose is to identify whether visits ocurring at different times and/or different parts of the site are made by the same machine. The other group of purpose is to find out whether a visitor is referred by or has been referred by an affiliate (always a friendly site).

a) There is one cookie put by Web Trends which allows to single out unique visitors and their behaviour, in combination with the above mentioned visitor's LOG. It does not look nor keep track of any personal information of the user.
b) There is another cookie put when you identify yourself with an alias. The purpose is to maintain the memory of the alias you introduced, and identify comments you may have done under your alias as belonging to the same alias.
c) There may be a cookie put on your machine when visiting some key pages, or when coming referred by some affiliate. They are used to let us know if you have bought something and therefore some of our affiliate maybe entitled to some credit.
d) Finally, we may link to friendly /partner sites that keep track of your visit and, in case you decide to buy something, we in turn may get some credit. Again it is only to keep track of visitors referred, and no personal information is collected.

Cookis may be left on your machine by whichever of the domains we maintain (,,, etc...).

3) Personal information: the only personal information we may get about you is the one you have freely provided, normally in the course of a transaction. Whenever we act as intermediary, for instance when booking a hotel, part of your personal information can be transmited to this third party. Only strictly necessary information is provided, and only for this purpose. FOR NO OTHER REASON do we ever provide information about our visitors and clients to any other third party, unless it is required by the law. We take care to keep your information safe and /or delete it if necessary. This information is kept up to 5 or 10 years, for legal, fiscal or business reasons.

4) Contacting visitors or clients: we may contact you, by email or other the phone, regarding or in relation with the inquiry for which you left your personal data. We may contact you in the future to offer our services, offers or promotions, exclusively if you have opted in for this possibility.

5) Access, delete, modify your personal information: you can always do any of these, in accordance to the Spanish law: Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, la Ley 34/2002. Any dispute arising is to be solved, primarily by our customer service, and in case of conflict, according to the law.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Customer service: email:

Barcelona On Line,
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