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From the sea to the mountain, from the cathedral Sagrada Familia to the new Tower Agbar, from the Olympic Port to Montjuïc the forum of Culture, from the grid of the Eixample to the narrow streets of Las Ramblas.

If you don't see Barcelona from above, you haven't seen anything!

If you flee from the conventionalisms and want to get to know the city in an alternative way, this is probably the best way to enjoy Barcelona . Imagine being on board in a helicopter while flying over the city… This is now possible!!

Length of tour

10 min



From the same heights we present you with two other helicopter experiences!!


Length: 30 to 35 min.
Price: 300€
Helipuerto(Port Vell)-Montserrat-Helipuerto

Length: 5 min
Price: 50€
Helipuerto(Port Vell)-Puerto-Torres Mafre-Fòrum-Helipuerto

Don't miss this opportunity!
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