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The best way to visit Catalunya

Discover the most interesting tourist places of Catalunya by Catalunya Bus Turístic. We have three different suggestions for you:


2. Route Montserrat and Sitges

1. Route Figueres, Dalí and Girona
Discover the amazing world of Dali in Figueres and stroll through the monumental city of Girona.
Edificio Casa-Museu Dalí


-Girona Walking Guided Tour

-Tickets for the Teatre-Museu Dalí in Figueres.
-Tickets for the exposition “Dalí Joies”
- A complete guide with detailed information about the main tourist places in each city.

- Great discounts in shops, restaurants and museums.

Daily departures except Monday from 23/03.


08h30 Departure from Barcelona

10h00 Arrival at Girona

10h30 Guied tour on Girona

14h00 Departure from Girona

15h00 Entry on "Teatre-Museu Dalí"

18h00 Departure from Figueres

20h00 Arrival at Barcelona

2. Route Montserrat and Sitges
Climb the mountain of Montserrat with the rack railway and enjoy some spectacular views, visit the Monastery and the audiovisual space “Montserrat portes endins”.
Vista de Sitges

- Arrival at Montserrat rack railway

- Entrance to Audiovisual. Montserrat

- Tasting of licor Aromes de Montserrat

- Guied tour on Sitges

- Free time at Sitges ( includes great discounts in shops and free visit of the Maricel Museum)

Daily departures except Monday from 23/03.


08h30 Departure from Barcelona

09h30 Arriving by train to Montserrat rack.

13h30 Departure from Montserrat

15h00 Arrival at Sitges

16h00 Guied tour on Sitges

18h00 Departure from Sitges

19h00 Arrival at Barcelona

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